I love the Smell of Snow in the Air

Yesterday was the first of December and the first snow of the season. When I opened my door that morning I was a little caught off guard but I thought it was a perfect way to start a new month and a beautiful intro to the chilly winter we have ahead. I am not the biggest fan of the cold but I do see the beauty in freshly fallen snow. Ever since I was little I've been able to smell coming snow in the air,(yes, I did just say that.) I've kind of secretly thought of it as my own mini-super power, I don't know how it benefits me or others but that doesn't matter because it makes me a lil' special (or weird.) Haha Ok, so back on point. One of my favorite smells aside from a good spring rain is the smell of coming snow fall, whenever the scent hits me it has the ability to make me stop and look up, it steals away a small moment and it gets my imagination thinking of the beauty that is coming.
First Snow
First Snow
First Snow
Now, I am ready to make snow angels. What's your favorite thing about the winter season? Do you have the same super-power as me? Haha


Gerri said...

hmmmmmm.......coming inside to the warmth. ;)

Marka said...

ah yes, the smell of approaching snow. That ranks right up there with the smell of approaching rain, and the fresh smell after a spring or summer rain.

I enjoy heading out either in the storm or just after it ends. The world is so quiet, so peaceful, so tranquil, so refreshing.


Fresh Mommy said...

You ARE a super woman!! :) Love the snow, it's so beautiful, so tranquil.


Jen said...

ahhh snow, I like it but it is so messy!

Jen said...

sorry forgot to say how much I like the pictures, hee :)