A Change in Your New Routine

So... one of the biggest challenges to modifying your eating habits and altering your lifestyle is when your routine is suddenly changed. This change can come from life situations, natural disasters, vacations, etc. You name it, if it causes you to stop doing what you've been doing... it can be a stick in your weight-loss bikes spoke. 

Changing your lifestyle is all about breaking bad habits and making new and better habits. Doing so, takes time and commitment. So when something comes along that challenges that commitment, especially something fun... it is a test of will. For me, when I'm on vacation I tend to fall back into bad habits. I don't feel like I am alone in this. I am saying all this because last week I had a few days of so called vacation and they messed with my routine in a big way. That being said, I am not regretting those vacation days. I had a blast, I ate some great food and some not so great food. What I am not thrilled about is how hard it is to break back into the routine I had been in. It feels as though there are all these obstacles, be them big - be them small, but obstacles none the less that keep deterring me. The biggest obstacle is my laziness. I hate grocery shopping. I don't like planning meals for the week, I don't like figuring out what I need to get and what I already have and I don't like walking up and down the aisles trying to find what I wrote down. Not a minute of the process is enjoyable to me. So I haven't done it. I've been home since Tuesday and I haven't gone shopping which means that I've been surviving on Eggo Waffles, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. None of these things are bad, but they aren't filled with nutrients either. 

Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Easter. I am going to make something for dinner... I just don't know what yet. I am going to overcome my laziness and make a grocery list, I am going to go shopping here in a few and I am going to get back into my routine. There are definitely things you can do on vacations to keep up your routine, I wish this post was about that... but I am not that person yet. I am the kind of person that wants to try a little delicacy from every nation represented at Epcot, I am the kind of person that will pull through McDonald's on a 15hr drive to DC. If I keep things up maybe in May when I drive to MI I'll be the kind of person that packs a cooler... we shall see.

Here are some pics from Epcot. 


Here is our menu from the day:
In England we shared Fish n Chips (Delicious)
In France I had a Chocolate Crepe (Not as good as in real Paris but it was yummy)
In Japan we all shared California Rolls (I had 2 they were actually really good)
In Germany we shared a Bratwurst (I took one bite... it isn't my thing) 
In Italy Ali had Italian Ice (I didn't have any but I wanted some)
In China we shared Orange Chicken (Very good... almost as good as Cheesecake Factory's)
In America (we ate dinner) I had a side of Mac n Cheese and a Burger

I am happy to report that even though we ate food in most of the countries I only went over my daily calories by 437... which means for that day I was at 1637. Not as bad as it could of been. I say all that because in all the countries but two we shared everything between the four of us. It saved us money and it made our portions much smaller. I guess that is one tip I have for when you are on vacation - - - SHARE EVERYTHING!


Anonymous said...

You keep on that horse and ride it all the way to were you want to end.

Gerri said...

Great tip!