hello (mid-day) monday


hello bubble tea, I'll be having you at least once this week.

hello wedding program-fan thingy, it's your turn.

hello again DIY tutu project, your first tutorial was too difficult but I'm determined.

hello candy crush, I finally conquered my 3 quests I can move on to the next level. it is about time.

hello earlier bed time, i'd like to be friends with you but we are so different.

hello road trip, it's been a couple months I'm definitely ready to get out there again with Ruby.

hello Tennessee, I love your mountains and the fact that you are the home of one of my best friends.

hello Michigan, I can't wait to see you friday. we're going to have a couple fun weeks together.

hello monday, i'm excited for what you have for me this week.

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Kristin Aquariann said...

Awesome droplets capture! I want to go swimming. But in a pool, because creatures creep me out.

♥ aquariann
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