Beauty Bucket List || 2014


It's a new year and with a new year comes a whole new list of things I'd like to do and experience. This year instead of making Resolutions, I decided to make Bucket Lists. Not because the two are really all that different but because I look at them differently. My personal life bucket list is full of experiences and adventures I WANT to have, the important word there being want. A lot of the time resolutions are things we know are good for us and things we know we should do, but rarely warrant the enthusiasm a bucket list item gets because we don't see them in the same light. I am going to challenge my way of normally seeing resolutions and make a couple bucket lists for this year. They aren't all going to be life altering but they are things I want to cross off, so to start get things going here is my 2014 Beauty Bucket List...

1| Be more adventurous with my hair. 
I have a curly mop on my head, I've kept the cut relatively the same for the last few years. Long layers are my comfort zone. Recently my hair has been going through a bit of a change I think, the texture is different in the back and it is getting much more tangled. I've decided that it is time to really give it a good snip. I am not going to do anything too crazy, but I am looking into cutting shorter layers and maybe even shaggy side swept bangs. Because I wear my hair curly more than anything else, I am still thinking on the bangs part... I've wanted them for a year now and every time I go I end up talking myself out of it. The thing is with shorter layers all around the bangs will blend in better... so if I am going to do it, now would be the best time. I actually have a hair appointment set for Thursday, so I will be sure to share a pic on Instagram after I get it done.

2| Figure out the right skincare regimen for my face.
I'm 30 and I still don't really know my skin type. I am determined to figure out what products will work best for me this year. I am even considering getting a proper facial so that I can have a professional point me in the right direction. I like the products I am using right now, but I think there might be something better suited for me out there. Skincare is really overwhelming for me when I go shopping, so I tend to make quick decisions. I want to invest now in products that will help my skin in the future.

3| Play more with eye shadows.
This is pretty self explanatory, I love the idea of eye shadow and I love all of the colors but I tend to stick with a neutral look when I am doing my makeup in the morning. One of the reasons is because my eye makeup never lasts, I am looking into finding a primer that will actually help my makeup stay put all day. Another reason is because my eye lid is relatively small and the space between my lid and my brow bone isn't much bigger, I have to learn how to modify the tutorials I watch to work for my eye shape.

4| Master the art of eye liner.
I am horrible at eye liner. I don't know why it is so hard for me but it is. This year I am making it my number one goal to either find a brush or applicator that is fool proof or just practice practice practice until it becomes so easy I don't even know I'm doing it. I've already started a list of some brands I'd like to try. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.

5| Give Shallac a try.
When it comes to nails, I love wearing all different kinds of colors. However, I hate actually painting my nails. I am not that great at it, I am never patient enough between coats or at the end and I get really frustrated with how quickly you have to do it all over again. I don't go to the salon often, because there are other things I'd rather spend my money on, but when I have gone I've tried the gel manicures and they were quite impressive. Over the past few months quite a few at home gel options have come out and I am going to look into getting a system for myself. I know with shellac I'll still have to be patient, which very well might be my downfall, but I am excited to give it a try.


Do you have any items on your Beauty Bucket List this year?


Sue Skerjance said...

Love the post. Can't wait to see the new haircut!


Crystal Rae said...

Umm.. can i have one of your chocolates?