When a normal day feels like an amazing adventure...

Earlier this week I was on my way to a photo-shoot for www.Freshmommyblog.com and I literally drove into a wall of fog. It was so intense that when you drove towards the island over the causeway, you couldn't even see the land on the other side. My first thought was that we should make a new plan, we were definitely not going to get the golden hour light we were aiming for. You couldn't see the sun at all, everything was completely covered. But after sending a few phone pictures to Tabitha and chatting about our options, we decided to go for it. It may not have been our original plan but that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. The scene was like something out of a movie, the water was quiet and the whole beach seemed as if it was part of the clouds. I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual fog to show you, these are the few that I did happen to get.

fog (3 of 8)
This was driving towards the island.
fog (8 of 8)
Once you made it to the other side of the causeway you could see a little more, but there was still no horizon in sight.
fog (7 of 8)
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All of the seagulls were grounded, waiting out the fog. There were hundreds of them all over the beach.
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fog (4 of 8)
When looking out over the beach, ocean & sky you'd normally be able to see them all distinctly, 
but on this day they all blended into one. 
fog (2 of 8)
Driving back to the the park, after the shoot, it looked as if we were heading into a scene out of an epic adventure film.
fog (1 of 8)

I honestly felt like a kid, I was filled with such a childlike wonder. It was something amazing to behold; watching it roll in and blanket everything. What once was a familiar place to me, was made completely new. It was such a fun surprise and made a normal day feel like an amazing adventure.

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Adrienne said...

I love fog. The mystery. The mood. How it changes the familiar. These shots are wonderful!