because i said so...

I've always been fascinated with the life of a farming family, my entire childhood was spent dreaming that one day I could be one of them. I don't think I knew then, the amount of work they take upon themselves daily. All I knew was they worked as a family, they played as a family, and they got to play with animals all the time. I was an animal fanatic growing up...didn't matter what kind, I was obsessed. The fact that I was surrounded by sheep farms, cow farms, and horse farms only encouraged my imagination when it came to being a farmer. I took every opportunity to help with the sheep, the hay,cleaning the barns...I wanted to be part of it. My grandma grew up on a farm and she had all these amazing stories of adventure so I was determine to have some of my own.
I was passing by the farms this summer on my way home and I just had to stop. Sitting there watching the sheep I noticed how the mothers were directing the babies. Whether it was to the water or the food...or even the shade...they each were receiving direction. That is one thing that I've always thought was cool and probably one of the reasons I loved animals, they are similar to us in that aspect, they want nothing but to prepare their young for the world and at the same time their kids are just like us they want to discover things on their own.
I sat there watching them for awhile...laughing about my childhood desires and about the similarities between us and them. Obviously there are a lot of differences but I know when I hear "because I said so" it means the same thing as when they hear it :)

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