Falling for Fall: Day 10

So today I went to my friend's Tab and Chris's house to help make Apple Butter...I am not sure how much I really helped but I had fun hanging with them and peeling the apples. hahah. Tomorrow I get to go back and try the final result I am pretty excited!


Tabitha Blue said...

That really was fun!! You helped alot... do you know how long it would've taken me to peel all those... let alone figure out how to take a pic! LOL It turned out so good! I canned it this morning and saved a batch for us tonight. I just wanted to eat it with a spoon.

Tabitha Blue said...

You can come anytime really, we get home by 5. Aliyah's in bed around 7-7:30. Just give me a call later ... or txt and let me know :) I'm ready for A.B. and Greys!