Falling for Fall: Day 12

So tonight after work I headed over to my friend's Jess and Pete's house, we went to Hot-N-Now for dinner (ate in the parking lot across the street like we always do) then headed into the Pet Store to get Deedle Bug some doggie treats. After that we planned to rent Fools Gold, but once we made it to the video store by their house we realized that the whole area was without power. (Jess told us not to blame her, she isn't a big movie person so the fact that the one day she said 'let's rent a movie' is the one day they don't have power was just crazy) So any way, we headed back to their house lit some candles, made a fire and chilled. I of course occupied my time trying to write my name in the candle light....I didn't succeed but I got a B. hahaha It was fun, and the power came on soon after so we ended up getting the movie. All-in All the night was full of fun and adventure, and a great way to spend a friday with my best friends.


Tabitha Blue said...

I like the pics. Sounds like you had a fun night, haha. I love it when adventure just kinda happens.

We went to see a movie, LOL.

Tabitha Blue said...

We almost went to see Body of Lies last night, but it wasn't at a good time... so we saw My Best Friends Girl. Funny, not as funny as I thought it'd be, bust still very funny. We both really want to see Body of Lies. LOL, you got Pete to go this morning... was Jess at work? It looked like a good one.

It's so gorgeous outside today, I'm going to try and get my family outside for pics after Aliyah's nap... and maybe some fun with pumpkins. What are you doing today?