Falling for Fall: Day 15

"Time is a steady flow, and seasons are natures way of letting us know. Today may be coated in the warmth of the suns light but tomorrow could be blanketed in a snowy crystal white. Take in the beauty of each breath, of the ever changing picture that surrounds you. Take in all of your todays and dream of your tomorrows. Like the tide goes out and comes in, today will have its end."

So some of the leaves have been on the ground for a while now and they are beginning to be drained of their color and stiffen. I love all the sounds that leaves can make, whether it be the wind rustling through them when they are fresh on the trees or once they have fallen the crunch that they make under your feet...it is natures music at its best.


Crystal said...

I like the sound they make when I step on them!! LOL

Tabitha Blue said...

Love the B&W. Great leaves pics... they are all falling now after the windy, rainy morning!