Guilty Pleasures

I love love love coats! I saw this one the other day at the mall but I didn't get it...I am taking a couple days to think on it :) I don't want it to be an impulse buy.


Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, cute coat. I could totally see you wearing that!

PS. I like this header the best so far! Did you take the pic?

Morgan Roof said...

Oprah says you should wait only 24 hours. If you still want it that bad, go get it. If you wait any longer, you're more likely to go back to the mall and blow a boatload of cash on random stuff and just go nuts :) I've tried the theory - it works. If the item is still with me after a day or two, then I have to have it! If I try and ignore my desire, I end up going crazy to make up for it! Hope you got the coat by now :)