Falling for Fall: Day 18

Whenever I see pine trees and pine cones I think of winter. I know this may sound crazy but I totally believe that each season has a smell. Last night I could smell it, winter that is. It was in the air. Crisp, clean and making my breath visible. Soon the trees will be covered in a beautiful blanket of white.


Tabitha Blue said...

Yes, I could so smell winter with you last night... at Sonic!! LOL

Great photo though, makes me think of snow... those pine cones need snow. :) It'll be soon enough I'm sure and then I'll want it to go away.

Morgan Roof said...

Ooh, I hear ya! I love the change of seasons. Outside our grocery store they are selling these big bags of pine cones that smell like cinnamon and I just go crazy for the seasons. Love fall, love winter, love it all! Keep up the beautiful blog posts! :)