It's all so real...with just a few little steps

Tabitha & I in Atlanta

This month has been filled with lots of little steps for our business. Tabitha and I met with a CPA and started discussing the steps we need to take if we want Relish Studios to be legit. She advised us to get our EIN, to register our Fictitious Name and to write up our Partnership Agreement. I have to say, all of these steps worked my nerves into a tornado. I left her office feeling a little overwhelmed.

I don't naturally have a brain for the business side of things, so anything in that realm tends to make me sweat and feel a little bit nauseous. That being said, I really want to make our business work and I know it is going to take a lot of effort from both of us to make that happen. So I decided I needed to step it up and start taking on some of the things that scare me. So I got our EIN and I registered our name...I also mocked up a Partnership Agreement that we will go over together and modify once Tabitha gets home. It felt good just taking these small steps. At first it felt like I had weights around my ankles, the steps were so far out of my comfort zone it took a lot for me to really get the ummph to take them, but I know they were moves in the right direction so I am excited about the progress.

We have a lot more to do...the next big thing is Insurance. To all my photography friends out there, if you have any suggestions as to where we should look please share. I've already looked up a couple Insurance Agents in our area and I am planning on scheduling a meeting for when Tabitha returns. I've also looked into the PPA and think they could be a great option as well.

But since that has to wait until next week, my big job tomorrow is to take on the redesign of our logo. We are rebranding and we've got a lot to do in that department. I have to say, that side of things gets me a little more excited because I get to be creative. It is still a lot of work though. We are two personalities and our brand has to represent both of us. Recently we took a branding quiz to see how compatible our tastes are and I am happy to say that while we are different in many ways, we are also very similar and the best thing is that our differences don't work against each other but rather they balance each other out. So now it is just a matter of taking the pieces I've got laid out in front of me and seeing where they all fit together best. After I get the logo done we'll be able to get all of our new promotional materials printed; our business cards, session guides, etc.

I recently participated in the Sue Bryce Workshop on CreativeLive and she really motivated/inspired me to get the ball rolling. I've been talking a lot these last few months about our business and it's success but in retrospect I have taken very little action and that has left me feeling unsatisfied with the state of where our business stands. Obviously the only way for me to battle that dissatisfaction is to start making changes working towards the reality that I want. So this is me working towards that reality.

I am still feeling a little nauseous and a bit like my shirt collar is too tight and is trying to choke me, but I've got my Pepto Bismol and Scissors to help ward those feelings off. Here's to taking some more little the right direction.


Jessica said...

Awesome! There is sooooo much more to it than just taking pictures like people think. I'm more the business kind of person so I've been working on all that side and stalling on advertising because I get so nervous taking pictures (well selling, not the snapping part). You guys will do awesome in your new location. Can't wait to see the redesign!

Christina Lusk said...

I am so happy for you! Way to loose the shackles. You guys PROSPER in whatever you put your hands to! Great post, Bri. Love you!

aaron said...

Great to hear!

Insurance is important for many reasons, some places won't allow you to work at their property without insurance. PLUS, I hear way too many stories about stolen equipment...even at churches. That being said, I used the same company that does our home insurance for our business. Not sure if that's the best option, and it's def. not photography specific, but we saved a little money and I didn't have to fill out a bunch of paper work.

If you have a few bucks ($80-200), we used for our logo...We got about 80 responses, 5 of which were tough to choose from, and it was cool to see all the different ideas. It's always easier for me to come up with an idea for someone else than myself, so if you're the same way, check it out!

Keep up the great work!

Everyday Brittney said...

I'm so happy you guys are going to work even more on your company! You do an amazing job!

Gerri said...

Excited for you guys. ;)