it's time for a new hairdo

I am getting my hair done this thursday! It has been FOREVER since I've been to the salon, and I thought I'd treat myself for my birthday. Why not start this new chapter, of my 30's, with a new hairdo? I have to be honest, I always get a little anxious when trusting someone new with my tresses. They are my security blanket after all, and I have had my fair share of bad hair cuts. But now that I live in Florida it is much harder for my sister-in-law, to do my hair. And the last time I was home it was for her wedding. So, you know, she was busy getting married and stuff. 

Above are a few of the hair pictures I've pinned over the last few months. You will see a theme of layers, curls, bangs, reddish hues and the ombre look. I am blessed with thick curly hair. It has some red in it but I am thinking about playing it up in the color a little more. I am also a big fan of the ombre look, I actually did an at-home kit 4months ago and it is still going pretty strong. I am thinking that I would like to stick to that kind of look but instead of lightening my ends even more I am going to go a shade darker at the top. Right now my hair is all pretty much one length except for around my face, this is something that needs to change. I honestly love my hair long but right now it doesn't have much shape and when the humidity hits it it just turns into a big blobby mess on my head. So I am thinking long layers, especially in the back. 

What do you guys think? Are there any hairstyles or colors you are absolutely loving lately?

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