hello monday

hello mini-adventure to a new breakfast spot. Lenny's has been the talk of everyone in these parts
for awhile now, I'm ready to try it for myself.
hello movie date with friends. This one's on the IMAX screen so it's extra special
hello small group and connection time with all my lovely lady friends.
hello ikea trip w/ Carrie. I've got a list of stuff to find for my new space. I'm excited.
hello dinner with friends... I really need to learn to cook so I can reciprocate the yumminess.
hello True Blood dates with Autumn, I love you but I also am often left dissatisfied and a bit unnerved.
I'm wondering if that will ever change.
hello oil change. Ruby is in need of a day of pampering.
hello packing. I can't believe we start moving in a week. I've got my work cut out for me.
hello to a few of you days that I'm not sure what is yet in store.
It could be a trip to Nashville or more packing, I'll hopefully know by tonight.
hello Monday, you are looking lovely.

What are you most looking forward to this week?

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