Shop the Trend | Black Leggings w/ Leather Detail

1// Bar III Faux Crocodile Leggings   2// Zara Combined Leggings   3// Guess Faux Leather Zipper Leggings    
4// Joe Benbasset Faux Leather Skinnies   5// Labworks Legging w/ Faux Leather   6// NY Collection Plus Size Distressed Leggings   

When I see a trend I love I do whatever I can to find an option that suits me and my budget. This week I searched out options for the Faux-Leather Embellished Leggings trend. I've been seeing this every where; there are dozens of options in stores, you can see them featured in magazines and blogs and I don't know about you but I've seen them quite a bit on the street when I'm just out and about. I myself have already purchased one pair, I love that they can bring a little edge to an otherwise casual outfit.
Above are a few of the options I've found for sizes ranging from 0-24 and budgets ranging from $30 - $80.

Is this a trend you see yourself trying? Are there any trends you can't wait to try?

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Groomy said...

These are such an attractive styles. I always prefer Carbon38 leggings black in color. Can be paired with any tops, bras, jerseys and shirts. Neon or subtle both shades go with them. Even their comfort ability is a great factor making them unique from others. Gifted two pairs to my best friend also.